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Universe is running out of star stuff
A new study has found galaxies are running out of hydrogen needed to make new stars. Once that’s used up, the lights of the Universe will start to go out forever.

How to weigh an asteroid
Scientists have successfully worked out the weight of a distant asteroid which will be the target of a NASA sample return mission in four years time. The first of its kind calculation involved understanding its orbit and everything that could affect that orbit — including neighbouring celestial bodies and any propulsive force (however minute) which the asteroid generates.

Asteroid near miss
Planet Earth has dodged a bullet as an asteroid scrapped past the planet flying just 14,000 kilometres above the ground, lower than the orbits of many satellites. The space rock is now classified as the sixth closest approaching near Earth object.

Burning Planet
Astronomers have for the first time, found a planet that’s disintegrating as the blistering heat of the star it orbits slowly evaporates it. The scientific detective story used a range of Earth and space based telescopes in an extensive process of elimination, to work out what’s going on.

Fire breathing Dragon
The SpaceX Dragon has successfully splashed down old school style in the Pacific Ocean completing its first mission to the International Space Station, and becoming the first private spaceship to visit the orbiting outpost. The 9 day pioneering mission brought back 640 kilograms of completed science experiments, the first time the space station crew have been able to do this since last years retirement of the space shuttle.

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