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Brian Webb
Ventura County, California

2012 December 16 (Sunday) 15:50 PST

As of 2012 December 16

Date (PST/PDT) Vehicle Pad/Silo
————— ————————- ——————- ————

JAN-MAR To be announced GBI —-
A Ground-based Interceptor will be launched to assess vehicle design changes. This missile defense-related flight does not involve an intercept attempt.

FEB 10 10:04-10:48 Atlas V SLC-3E
Vehicle will launch NASA’s Landsat Data Continuity Mission

Spring To be announced GBI —-
Missile defense test. A Ground-based Interceptor will be launched from Vandenberg in an attempt to intercept a target launched from Kwajalein in the central Pacific.

APR To be announced Atlas V SLC-3E
Vehicle will launch the GeoEye 2 commercial Earth-imaging satellite

NET APR 28 19:25:26-19:30:26 Pegasus XL Offshore
Payload is NASA’s Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS) satellite. Vehicle will be air-dropped from an L-1011 jumbo jet flying offshore. The aircraft will be staged from Vandenberg AFB. Launch appears to occur during evening twilight. This could produce an interesting display as rocket exhaust at high altitude is illuminated by the Sun.

APR-JUN To be announced Falcon 9 SLC-4E
Vehicle will launch the Cassiope satellite for the Canadian Space Agency

The above schedule is a composite of unclassified information approved for public release from government, industry, and other sources. It represents the Editor’s best effort to produce a schedule, but may disagree with other sources. Details on military launches are withheld until they are approved for public release. For official information regarding Vandenberg AFB activities, go to

All launch dates and times are given in Pacific Time using a 24-hour format similar to military time (midnight = 00:00, 1:00 p.m. = 13:00,
11:00 p.m. = 23:00, etc.).

The dates and times in this schedule may not agree with those on other online launch schedules, including the official Vandenberg AFB schedule because different sources were used, the information was interpreted differently, and the schedules were updated at different times.



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